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What is a IRS PIN?

A Personal Identification Number or a PIN is a five-digit number that acts as a digital signature while filing 2290 Form online.

Example of a PIN: 92673

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What is the use of IRS PIN?

Your 5 digit PIN helps the IRS verify your identity. You will need to provide this PIN when you speak with the IRS about your 2290 Form.

How to generate a PIN number?

Ensure that you select a PIN number that is easy to remember. Your PIN can be any combination of five numbers except all zeros.

Points to keep in mind while generating PIN

When you e-file your form through eForm2290.com, you will be asked to enter a PIN number. You can come up with a five digit PIN of your choice, but make sure that you keep in mind the points listed below:

  • Create a PIN that is easy to remember
  • Ensure that the PIN is a complex combination
  • Do not use easy PINs such as 00000 or 12345
  • Do not use the same PIN on multiple platforms
  • Never use credit/debit cards PIN as PIN number

When will you need a PIN?

You will need to specify a PIN number while filing your IRS Form 2290 online. Once you enter the PIN number, ensure that you note it down somewhere safe so that you can refer to it later.

What is the difference between PIN, EIN, and VIN?

  • A PIN is a Personal Identity Number that you create while filing your Form 2290 with eForm2290.com
  • EIN stands for Employer Identification Number and is a nine-digit number issued by the IRS for your business.
  • VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is a 17 digit number used to identify your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions around IRS PIN

Q. Can you use alphabets and symbols while generating PIN?

A. No. you can only use a combination of numbers to create your PIN.

Q. Is it possible to e-file Form 2290 without a PIN?

A. No. It is not possible to efile form 2290 without providing a Personal Identification Number. It is a mandatory requirement that you cannot bypass.

Q. What to do if you forget your PIN number?

A. You can refer to the copy of your Form 2290 to recover your PIN number. The PIN will be mentioned under the ‘signature’ line of your Form 2290.

Q. Will the IRS require details of your PIN?

A. Yes, the IRS will ask you to verify your PIN so that they can verify your identity before disclosing sensitive details about your HVUT tax return.

Q. How does eForm2290 protect your data?

A. eForm2290.com is an IRS approved, trusted e-filing service provider. We employ the latest data security tools and technologies to ensure complete and total protection of your tax filing data.

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Final Thoughts

Identity theft and cybercrimes are a serious issue in today’s digital age. As the risk of data breaches soar, choose a trusted e-filing provider like eForm2290.com to file your 2290 tax and stay protected from malicious attacks. We offer 100% safe and secure services so that you can experience a worry-free tax filing that’s smooth, smart, and simple.